Cheetah Launcher

Download Aplikasi Cheetah Launcher - Cheetah Launcher focused on personalization and intelligence services Launcher mobile phones , mobile phone personalization makes the experience more interesting and cool , and the best quality .

Cheetah Launcher
Cheetah Launcher
  • By intelligently recognize App is often used , and puts her on the main screen so that the ease of use .
  • Hundreds of free themes and cool , quickly immediately beautify your cell phone , coupled with the application of the theme of 500 % faster than other similar App .
  • Fast , smooth and simple : more refined than the system , consuming 50 % less memory than other similar app ;
Cheetah Launcher 

Tips :
1. Download more themes funny , cool , romance , and other beautiful theme Cheetah theme ( MENU - Themes - Use )
2. Tap and drag the icon to another icon to create a new folder , or App List - MENU - New folder
3. Dozens list menu , scroll effect settings screen ( MENU - Settings - Scroll Effect )
4. Press a few seconds icons App List and enter the edit mode , quick uninstall and edit folders
5. Moving towards two fingers apart on the screen can get into pratinjiau screen mode , you can reduce or add , delete , move the screen and set the main screen .
6. Hide App used (List App - MENU - Hide App )
7. Adding an application to the Launcher or folder ( Press a few seconds Screen - Add application or open a folder - click on the add button )
8. Cheetah Launcher is a software that is entirely free , no deductions of any kind . Required permission " Direct contact phone number " to be able to use the Jump function call the number on the Launcher . 

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