Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1 APK + OBB

Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1 APK + OBB

live an epic adventure that spans two parallel worlds!
Retrieve memories of long lost heroes, and bring the two worlds!

Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1 apk for android, apk full Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1 patched latest version, download the game Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1, v1.0.1 down Dragon Quest VI apk, download Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1 patched free android, download Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1 apk free. Overview: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie, the latest installment of the trilogy Zenithian, is now available on mobile devices!

◆ Prologue
A young boy from the remote village of peak Weaver lives a quiet life with his little sister. But all that is to change when the spirit of the mountain appears before him, prophesying that only he can save the world from being swallowed by darkness. And so he embarks on an adventure to learn the truth of their world, and the kingdom mysterious ghost that lies beneath.

Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1 APK + OBB

Game Features
· Join forces with a band of individual adventurers!
Amasa an entourage of faithful friends while traveling around the torn kingdoms. Amnesiac wandering warriors of teenagers, a rich cast of characters will join you in your adventures, and help unlock the mysteries of his clouded world!

Vocational Education
As you progress in the game, the hero and his party will have access to Alltrades Abbey, where they can specialize in any of more than sixteen vocations. Train your skills in his chosen vocation, and learn a multitude of spells and special abilities. Having mastered a skill, you can still be used even if you change your vocation!

· Talk freely with their fellow party members!
The group chat feature lets you chat freely with the cast of colorful characters who will accompany you on your adventure. So feel free to go to them for advice and idle chatter whenever the impulse mugs!

Rotate your view in the cities and towns through a full 360 degrees to make sure you do not miss anything!

· AI Battles
Tired of giving orders? His faithful companions can be instructed to fight automatically! Use different tactics available to dismiss even the toughest enemies with ease!

· The Casino
Again, the casino makes a comeback! Spend hours trying your hand at the poker tables or try your luck at the slot machines, and exchange of tokens you earn for all sorts of interesting items! If lady luck smiles at you, you can be rewarded with the rarest items of all!

· The Slimopolis
Unlike previous games, where monsters could only be recruited during the battle, Dragon Quest VI allows you to recruit an army of small and charming limos as they travel around the world! Once you have hired a friend viscous or two, head to the Slimopolis to test their mettle in a series of battles in the arena, with fabulous prizes on offer for any limo strong enough to emerge victorious! Instructs its sludge, and aim for the championship!

· Slippin 'Slime
Silt-slip mini introduced in the Nintendo DS version makes its much anticipated return! Brush the ice in front of his limo to guide sliding past dangerous obstacles and stubborn obstacles. Perfect their polishing action to hit the target, and send your score through the roof!

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Dragon Quest VI v1.0.1

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