Metal Wars 3 v1.2.4 APK + OBB

Metal Wars 3 v1.2.4 APK + OBB

Free Download Metal Wars 3 v1.2.4 APK + OBB [UNLIMITED MONEY / XP] - EF compels fiercely persecuted Resistance Army, but then the voices of contradiction inside EF strengths were becoming more grounded in like manner. At last, the mystery association called Atlus was found inside of the EF strengths. Atlus made mystery operation to evacuate the leaders of the EF. Every pilots having a place with Bear Atlus Unit is initiating exceptionally mystery operations.

Metal Wars 3 v1.2.4 APK + OBB

Metal Wars 3 v1.2.4 apk for android, full apk v1.2.4 Metal Wars 3 unlimited money xp latest version, download the game Metal Wars 3 v1.2.4, v1.2.4 down Metal Wars 3 apk, download Metal Wars 3 v1.2.4 unlimited free money xp for android download apk v1.2.4 Metal Wars 3 free. Overview: Ready to take off in 2100 AD, the planet became a unified nation called "Federation of Earth." However, the unification did not last long. Minorities were at war against EF, who desperately oppose imperialism of the EF, insisting secession of unification.


The utilization of high-determination compositions and the most recent shaders, reasonable war zones genuinely emotional impacts and illustrations delineating shooting sense that offer extraordinary encounters of fight.


Working furnished mechs with more than 40 weapons and parts firsthand experience makes you feel vivified and testing battle.

Join the fight with the more grounded and thicker now foes and annihilation them! The amusement highlights more than 20 stages over different modes and fights in the perpetual mode, all of which are dynamic and tension. We continue upgrading the extra steps and modes.


It is essential to winning riders to add to a wide range of guns, controllers, engines and cautious groups, to offer more than 40 pieces.
You can tweak your mech, for example, the kind of high versatility, vigorously reinforced sort or sort fireflaming, alongside his battling style, investigating suitable gatherings.

Get together

The various types of bodies, parts, weapons research and helps you tweak your own mechs considering playing styles.


* Fields genuinely sensible illustrations and fight sensational impacts
* Mounting framework and Research
* Google Play Services (Achievements, Leaderboard, Cloud Save) support
* Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

What's new
Altered accident in Android 5.0 gadgets.

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