Half-Life v0.15 Android APK

Half-Life v0.15 Android APK
- Support for mods to main and secondary APK through.
  The APK file has a main engine library, and libraries SDL HLSDK base to run Half-Life based mods HL-y.
  The APK has only a secondary libraries for mod and main engine loads. Examples of APK for mods: Blue-Shift or Spirit of Half-Life. Anyone who want mods secondary port can only build with libraries APK games.
  - Changing the path to the game.
  You can specify in the pitcher, where the valve directory. It's only encoded to / sdcard / XASH.
  - Multiplayer improvements.

Half-Life v0.15 Android APK

The engine is now have partial support of client-side prediction. To enable this, just write "cl_predict 1" in the console.
 Servers are detectable through Internet games.
 - Support for shortcuts.
 Tired of typing commands to the pitcher? Now you can add a shortcut to your home screen and launch of this mod.
 - Improvements Controls
 Controls looks prettier in the 16: 9 screens.
 Changing icons controls. Just copy icons to guide game 'controls'. For example, Half-Life Blue Shift will BDesplace / controls /
 - More architectures!
 Motor now also compiled for ARMv6.
 - Interface input unified client libraries. See https://github.com/S....nterface-draft
 For users it means a better supply of joysticks, touch controls, etc.
 For developers: client library is more independent platfrom.
 - It has been added fault handler.
 More detailed information why Xash3D crashed.
 - Android 2.3 support.
 - "On Xash3D Android" box.
 - Correction of errors.

1. Install Apk
 2. Copy the "XASH" folder to sdcard /

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