World of Warriors APK + OBB v1.10.0 [MEGA MOD]

World of Warriors APK + OBB v1.10.0

KEEP IN MIND! World Warriors is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased with real money.
Fight, train and upgrade your equipment in the epic world of warriors!
0505 "There's nothing like World of Warriors in mobile gaming today"
5.5 "Beautiful artwork, a dive and well designed game world, accessible gameplay with an actual layer of strategic depth and planning ... World Warrior has everything."

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World of Warriors APK + OBB v1.10.0

- Stunningly beautiful 3D graphics, award winning sound design and AAA production values ​​and polish.
- Hiring an incredible team based in 100 of historically accurate real-life warriors.
- Unleash the amazing special attacks on hapless opponents.
- Battle through the Wilderness to defeat the evil Boneshaker and his legion of minions and lieutenants.
- Gather the materials and craft powerful talismans to tilt the tides of battle in their favor.
- To train and update their warriors to unlock the true potential and power of your computer.
- National and weekly events to participate in.
- Compete against others for rare and exclusive prizes.

'Warriors sup!
This update finally takes us out of skull City through the door in white skull and waste in our epic single player mission. Here are the toughest fight yet; but with greater risks come greater rewards!

Max Level Caps Player and Guerrero are now even higher and there are some potions XP are elite level. Now you can become even more powerful!

Check out the Temple - something is happening behind the western gate, preparing for the next update, perhaps?

1. wild, stone Honor, Gold inscrease when used
2. Resistance 10 freezes.
3. God Mode
4. Massive Attack
5. Most talisman party does not diminish
6. Craft material does not decrease
7. Update Guerrero material decrease.

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