Car Drive AT Super Parkour

Car Drive AT Super Parkour

Car Drives AT like when you tested a proposed making the car sim . How astute you are in a four-wheel driving . Because the exam , then no cars or other motor passing . However, the barriers limiting normal cone mounted on the highway will meet the test.

You are required to avoid obstacles such cones and should not be to hit . The number of blocks that fall will determine whether or not fail you in terms of driving . If it is shrewd , obstacles will be more difficult because everything is moving by itself . There is a right side to the left , up and down on the bottom , to move in the air.

Track Car Drive apk exam will not make you bored, because the obstacles variants continues to grow . As an easy fast track impassable, maze -shaped track , track length , track jump distance that requires you to perform continuous jumping , and many other tracks you do not know .

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