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One of the best-selling game and Favorite Husband is currently naruto game . Both in playstation , x box , computer pc , android , and so on . Already Many kinds of games naruto Once created FOR fulfill the desire of naruto lovers . Maybe ADA Dozens or even hundreds of games set in naruto , anime Which One weve already famous initials of first and favored Posted ALL circles , NOT Just Small Children , old orangutan orangutan was NOT bit The Fanatic Against Naruto . Naruto Fight : Shadow blade X , THERE IS a little different from the game Naruto Platform FOR android husband . Views From From Its name , which means: Shadow shadow . Naruto does have moments thousand shadows ( kage bunshin no jutsu ) , but the shadow nama not show pada ITU moment , but the shadow Yang used Astra Honda Motor as the title game is a shadow husband replication of the original form (eg naruto ) to fight against the original character . So that the initials mean the fight against Yourself The reflected Of Shadows ITU . Voice , ability , tactics and techniques are constantly the same course , Staying How do you run it .

Download Android Games Naruto fight : Shadow blade X APK | Place fighting Become BECAUSE Much Fun Hobbies Once the battle arena . Use bebreapa technique is possessed , for example naruto , shuriken can be used to attack the shadow From A Distance . Of opponent will approach close distance WITH Physical Attack . Remove also moves kage bunshin As Seen on or comic movie . Besides Naruto , Other Characters Can you use ALSO like sakura , sasuke , and Others . Note The energy parameter indicates the state of his players . The red is the number of lives Remaining hearts One fight ITU , if certainly Lose Out will . Blue is Term chakra TO conduct Are Some techniques and tactics . See the picture to find out what his game .

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