Rambo Combat Black x Force Apk

Rambo Combat Black x Force Apk
The atmosphere in the streets is quite deserted . Not because there is a holiday , and the car-free day , but the perpetrators of criminal acts are being spread in street corners and make the most of the citizens are afraid . Terrorist leader also ready to do evil . The city is currently need a hero or a brave cop who can drive them .

Intelligence agents do not want to act rashly . He sent a spy experienced , both in terms of surveillance and battle . Agent sends a cat spy for this problem . Not carelessly cat , he was educated by the military since long , catch terrorists is his forte . So , help the cat's eye - this eye .

Press enemies with your finger to make the cat shoot them . Then , for the difficult circumstances , throw grenades in terrorist and criminal offenders . The money collected , should be using that to buy powerful weapons and equipment useful for cat spy.

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