Clumsy Ninja Apk

Clumsy Ninja Apk

Games Android - Download Games for Kids on the Android Clumsy Ninja . Clumsy Ninja is a free game for kids that can exist in android and iOS . A game where you're going to play the role of a ninja who is always happy to undergo a variety of exercises . You should be able to practice it, until the ninja really reliable and have ninja skills to be used in a mission to rescue his best friend named Kira . Are you ready to download this free game and help the ninja to help think ?

Clumsy Ninja is quite interactive character , because he could feel , move and have unique reflexes any time . Get ready to be surprised , yes , and do not forget to always keep it . Glance clumsy ninja is similar to raising animals pou game where you have to take care of pets , but in this game you have to train and maintain a ninja .

In a clumsy ninja game for these children should you train ninjamu to learn new tricks and movements cool ninja . You should be able to make a ninja teacher impressed so you can get the belt ninja and can save Kira . In addition you can also keep playing and practicing with a variety of exercise equipment such as trampolines , chicken , fire balls and many more .

There is an adventure mode where you can travel to new places , play new games , meet new characters and complete missions to earn new items . Are you ready for adventure as a ninja ?

When through adventure and you get bored with the appearance , you can change the order penampilannmu look more cool . If I am not mistaken dong ninja must look cool . And do not forget to take pictures of ninjamu already looks cool and share it to your friends via social networks . And see what their response

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